Monday, January 5, 2009

day 4

day 4 of project 365.

- finally opened the new sewing machine. doesn't it look wonderful? i'm looking forward to the sewing 101 class i'm taking at joann's.
- designed some journaling cards for project 365. i might have them available for download, so look for that soon. i think they are mighty cute:)
- bought the binder/page protectors for project 365. i am going to use baseball card holders and alternate a picture with a journaling card for each day. the binders i got are plain craft paper/cardboard like so that i can embellish them however i see fit. a great buy at meijer for $2.99.
- got a tree skirt at meijer for next year at 75% off. i paid a whopping $6.99 for an almost $30 skirt! too cute with felt trees and buttons!!!
- stayed up way to late dealing with my brother. i wish he would get his crap straight. arg.
- brendan is finally home. yayz!

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