Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day 27

day 27 of project 365.

- snow last night + freezing rain = crusty snow. ick.

day 26

day 26 of project 365.

- john always beats me in scrabble. i suck.

Monday, January 26, 2009

day 25

day 25 of project 365.

- moo used to get stuck in trees (don't ask), but now he goes in and out as he pleases and stays out of the treeses! hahaha.

day 24

day 24 of project 365.

- i want a maine coon so bad! this one isn't mine, but isn't she beautiful! say hi to daisy:)

Friday, January 23, 2009

day 23

day 23 of project 365.

- i check my favorite blog feeds more than i check my email.

day 22

day 22 of project 365.

- lily loves this doll mom bought her for xmas. we think that lily looks at the doll and thinks it is herself since she loves looking in the mirror. too cute:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

day 21

day 21 of project 365.

- sewing 101 class at joann fabric's. shown is our finished project; a reusable tote... great for groceries. i hope to make some more of these soon. hopefully i will start remembering to take my totes to the grocery with me!

day 20

day 20 of project 365.

- i am so proud of this day.

day 19

day 19 of project 365.

- lily can't decide if she likes baths or not. she will not unclench her fists for anything while she is in the tub!

Monday, January 19, 2009

day 18

day 18 of project 365.

- it started snowing today! (and i kind of want it to stick:)
- johnny got my battery and alternator tested. it seems the alternator went out. ack!
- a new alternator is $150+!!! we went hunting around a pull-a-part place with no luck:(
- the steelers won! super bowl baby!

day 17

day 17 of project 365.

- lily enjoyed some tummy time today.
- hung out at my mom's since johnny worked a long day today. rock band!!!
- car completely died on the way home from mom's. we think it's the battery. let's hope that is all it is!

day 16

day 16 of project 365.

i've been procrastinating, can you tell?

- saw these geese after picking my sister up from work. some of the water was frozen, so it looked like they were walking on water!
- lily had her first bowl of rice cereal today. she is getting so big!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

day 15

day 15 of project 365.

- i had a wicked hankering for salt and vinegar chips today. finally got some, but didn't eat any. there's always tomorrow:)
- lily was kind of splashing in the tub tonight... kicking her cute little chicken legs in the water. funfun.
- brendan flew through his multiplication homework tonight. he never ceases to amaze me. seriously, 2nd grade and doing multiplication? and geometry? and actually understanding it?!?!? he is too flippin smart!

day 14

day 14 of project 365.

- saw an accident this morning involving 7 cars. one of which was under another car. insane. no word if there were any fatalities. let's hope not.
- got a well needed nap. lily sleeps a lot better during the day if i lay down with her. thank goodness she sleeps in her bed at night though. i definitely don't want to break that habit.
- the kids and i went to kelly's house for dinner. we got to see kelly, jordan, the super cute jaden (he just turned 1!) and hayley. i took pictures of kelly and jaden but they didn't come out! arg. the picture here is of brendan doing what he does best; playing the ds:)
- is anyone else watching american idol? i haven't watched it since kelly clarkson, but i am really wanting to see the auditions from here in louisville (supposedly coming on next wednesday). i wonder if i'll know anyone.
- i am getting really excited about ckc. i hope i can save up some money to take some classes and shop!
- oh and lily turned 3 months old today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

day 13

day 13 of project 365.

- worked. (did i mention i love basic grey's bittersweet line?)
- got up way too early to take john to work. i wish his truck was fixed!

Monday, January 12, 2009

day 12

day 12 of project 365.

- brendan's home!
- went back to the thrift store for something i decided i needed. a $1.50 beverage caddy will become a crafty catchall.
- got pulled over. at least i didn't get a ticket. just a citation for expired tags. i hate getting pulled over, but who does?

day 11

day 11 of project 365.

- hung out with the baby and muhammad ali (my cat) all day.
- went thrifting but didn't find anything.
- lamelamelame.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

day 10

day 10 of project 365.

- today johnny and i have been married for 6 months. i love that man:)
- we went to the flea market. not very interesting today. what a shame.
- johnny is making great progress on the fireplace. soon we can seal the brick and add the mantle and it will be done! yay!
- i almost lost all of my mom's photos after formatting her memory card... i burned a cd of the photos, but the files wouldn't open!! and i formatted the card before checking the cd!! ack! BUT i did some research and found a program called art plus digital photo recovery that can retrieve photos lost after formatting/deleting. technology saves the day! it's a free program, so i recommend having it in case something like this happens to you!

day 9

day 9 of project 365.

- did a LOT of running around today, but still managed to get nothing done.
- lily is finally warming up to her daddy. she is a momma's girl. whodathunkit?

Friday, January 9, 2009

day 8

day 8 of project 365.

- today was a whirlwind. almost didn't get this one in on time. shame on me!
- my brother is home. dad is home. so yay there. went out to eat with the family (minus my better half). it was nice.
- worked.
- lily is making the cutest high pitched noise when she is really happy. i'm betting this is her start to laughing. how exciting!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

day 7

day 7 of project 365.

- we got a little bit of snow. snow's first "real" appearance this winter. it didn't last very long.
- went to the architectural salvage place to get some more bricks for the fireplace. i love going there... they have everything you can imagine for a home... mantles, door knobs, windows, etc. and everything is from houses/buildings that have been torn down or remodeled, so it's all recycled. the things you find there you won't find at lowes!
-started on the surround for the fireplace. it's starting to look really good!
- went to mom's and played a little rock band. so much fun! i love playing the drums and singing even though i'm not very good at either!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

day 6

day 6 of project 365.

- took brendan to school, dropped lily off at my mom's, stopped at walgreens and took my brother some necessities all before going to work. work was lame.
- visited my dad in the hospital. he looks good and hopes to come home today or tomorrow.
- am now way tired and want a nap.

day 5

day 5 of project 365.

- went to michael's and joann's with my mom and the kids. i love craft stores. and i lovelovelove paper.
- went to my brother's therapy session today. i sure do hope this is a wake up call for him.

Monday, January 5, 2009

journaling cards- free download!

i've decided to put up my journaling cards for download. if you do download them, please leave a comment on this post. also, let me know if you have any problems downloading them, etc. for this is my first time doing this.

here is a preview...

click on photo to download.

9 journaling cards with a camera, plate/fork/knife, house, suitcase/briefcase, car, bottle (for a baby) and a heart. there are two with the corners left blank so you can stamp/embellish them however you want.

day 4

day 4 of project 365.

- finally opened the new sewing machine. doesn't it look wonderful? i'm looking forward to the sewing 101 class i'm taking at joann's.
- designed some journaling cards for project 365. i might have them available for download, so look for that soon. i think they are mighty cute:)
- bought the binder/page protectors for project 365. i am going to use baseball card holders and alternate a picture with a journaling card for each day. the binders i got are plain craft paper/cardboard like so that i can embellish them however i see fit. a great buy at meijer for $2.99.
- got a tree skirt at meijer for next year at 75% off. i paid a whopping $6.99 for an almost $30 skirt! too cute with felt trees and buttons!!!
- stayed up way to late dealing with my brother. i wish he would get his crap straight. arg.
- brendan is finally home. yayz!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

day 3

day 3 of project 365.

- the floor is done in front of the fireplace. i must say it looks awesome! now on to the surround, then sealing the brick and adding the mantel. i am happy with the progress of this. i will eventually show the finished product once we are done.
- lily and i lazily hung out all day. got some much needed laundry done. lily got a bath (see photo). i didn't;)
- my dad is in the hospital (and he drove himself there). nothing serious i don't think. although he has a pacemaker, it wasn't regulating his heartbeat so he went to the er. i hope he is taking his medication.
- continuing organizing my scrapbook stuff, but no new craftiness to share.

Friday, January 2, 2009

day 2

day 2 of project 365.

- we are going to grout the tile in front of the fireplace tonight. i am so excited for this to be done!
- johnny, the baybee and i went to the big flea market at the fair and expo center. this is where he bought me the cameras shown to the right. they are miniature cameras that once actually took real photographs. if i had the means (i.e. that darkroom i've always wanted) i would modify some film for them to work again. but the darkroom must wait. bleh. i love miniatures and i love cameras (i have a BUNCH), so here is a happy marriage of the two;)
- i saw a man with a prosthetic nose. interesting.
- lily slept the entire time we were at the flea market. very odd.
- john and i were looking at a bakelite set of drawers at the flea market and decided to open one. what was in the drawers, you ask? teeth. seriously. to make molds for dentures i guess. and i think they were real. eek (this is going to give me nightmares).

and as an added bonus, i would like to share a second photo of another great find from the flea market...

aren't they the cutest glasses you've ever seen? the lady i got these from said they are from the 1950s. and at $20, i couldn't pass these up. going on display in the baybee's room:)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

day 1

day one of project 365.

- i worked (hence, the picture of archiver's). well, for about 3 hours. whoopteedo.
- johnny started on tiling the floor in front of the fireplace. it may soon be on the finished project list!
- lily is getting progressively better at using her hands. she has realized they do more than just smack her in the face.
- brendan is still not home from his dad's. i miss him. a lot.

i'm tired! goodnight!

project 365

today starts project 365 for me. i'm looking forward to documenting this year in photos. let's see if I can stick with it;)

i have other resolutions, but i'll keep this short.

what do you plan on doing this year?

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