Thursday, January 15, 2009

day 14

day 14 of project 365.

- saw an accident this morning involving 7 cars. one of which was under another car. insane. no word if there were any fatalities. let's hope not.
- got a well needed nap. lily sleeps a lot better during the day if i lay down with her. thank goodness she sleeps in her bed at night though. i definitely don't want to break that habit.
- the kids and i went to kelly's house for dinner. we got to see kelly, jordan, the super cute jaden (he just turned 1!) and hayley. i took pictures of kelly and jaden but they didn't come out! arg. the picture here is of brendan doing what he does best; playing the ds:)
- is anyone else watching american idol? i haven't watched it since kelly clarkson, but i am really wanting to see the auditions from here in louisville (supposedly coming on next wednesday). i wonder if i'll know anyone.
- i am getting really excited about ckc. i hope i can save up some money to take some classes and shop!
- oh and lily turned 3 months old today!

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