Monday, March 16, 2009

day 74

- this is what happens when lily rubs her eyes while being fed. messy girl

day 73

diapers= $9.88 each (on sale at cvs)
coupons= -$5.00 (i had two, via
= $4.88 per package

that is about .12 a diaper!!!

wtg me! haha:)

day 72

- our new blanket and wall art courtesy of urban outfitters.

day 71

- i picked some flowers today.

Friday, March 13, 2009

day 70

- today lily started baby food. she will start with yellow vegetables, then green, then at 6 months she will have fruits. tonight she had squash. she wasn't very impressed.

day 69

- we went to the jewelers to get me a wedding band (8 months after we married;) and walked out with a beautiful 3 diamond ring and a wedding band. i absolutely love it.

day 68

- my husband picked me flowers this morning. the first flowers to bloom this year. i am so lucky:)

day 67

- the weather wasn't as nice today, but we got a walk in and daddy got to come. i wish we could have more days like this.

day 66

- this is lily's raspberry/buddha face. too funny!

(i cheated... i didn't take a picture today so this is another one from our time outside yesterday... don't tell)

see a video of lily and her raspberries here:

day 65

- the weather was so nice today so we went for a walk around the block at my mom's house. lily looks like such a big girl sitting in her stroller!

Friday, March 6, 2009

day 64

- brendan and i got some new kicks. aren't mine adorable?

day 63

- a preview of a new mini album i'm working on. this time, i am keeping this one for me!

day 62

- it reads: "brendans house keep owt!"

day 61

- i just started a stamp kit club and received my first month... aren't they cute???

Sunday, March 1, 2009

day 60

- lily enjoyed watching the fish. we were really surprised at how well she followed them swimming around the tank.

day 59

- my handsome little bug.

day 58

- lily thinks i'm funny. or funny looking:)

day 57

- geese like to hang around the mall where i work. weird.

day 56

- i love baybee feet.

day 55

- they are just too cute together:)

day 54

- me and the hubs. doesn't he look excited? ha!

day 53

- brendan's report card. awesome as usual.

day 52

- lily and i had lunch at o'charley's with kelly:)