Thursday, April 2, 2009


i am so behind on my 365. and i confess, i haven't taken a picture everyday. there are a lot of reasons why, but i shouldn't make excuses. but i will. ha! my mother-in-law is in town and she is running a tight ship around here;) we've been painting and cleaning like madmen. oh, and i think i have strep. yikes. the baybee is sick (but feeling a lot better), johnny is sick, my m-in-l is sick and so am i. the only one that has lucked out (haha) is brendan because he's been at his dad's house. so it hasn't been easy for me to keep up. there. that's my sob story. don't be mad at me. thanks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

day 74

- this is what happens when lily rubs her eyes while being fed. messy girl

day 73

diapers= $9.88 each (on sale at cvs)
coupons= -$5.00 (i had two, via
= $4.88 per package

that is about .12 a diaper!!!

wtg me! haha:)

day 72

- our new blanket and wall art courtesy of urban outfitters.

day 71

- i picked some flowers today.

Friday, March 13, 2009

day 70

- today lily started baby food. she will start with yellow vegetables, then green, then at 6 months she will have fruits. tonight she had squash. she wasn't very impressed.

day 69

- we went to the jewelers to get me a wedding band (8 months after we married;) and walked out with a beautiful 3 diamond ring and a wedding band. i absolutely love it.