Thursday, April 2, 2009


i am so behind on my 365. and i confess, i haven't taken a picture everyday. there are a lot of reasons why, but i shouldn't make excuses. but i will. ha! my mother-in-law is in town and she is running a tight ship around here;) we've been painting and cleaning like madmen. oh, and i think i have strep. yikes. the baybee is sick (but feeling a lot better), johnny is sick, my m-in-l is sick and so am i. the only one that has lucked out (haha) is brendan because he's been at his dad's house. so it hasn't been easy for me to keep up. there. that's my sob story. don't be mad at me. thanks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

day 74

- this is what happens when lily rubs her eyes while being fed. messy girl

day 73

diapers= $9.88 each (on sale at cvs)
coupons= -$5.00 (i had two, via
= $4.88 per package

that is about .12 a diaper!!!

wtg me! haha:)

day 72

- our new blanket and wall art courtesy of urban outfitters.

day 71

- i picked some flowers today.

Friday, March 13, 2009

day 70

- today lily started baby food. she will start with yellow vegetables, then green, then at 6 months she will have fruits. tonight she had squash. she wasn't very impressed.

day 69

- we went to the jewelers to get me a wedding band (8 months after we married;) and walked out with a beautiful 3 diamond ring and a wedding band. i absolutely love it.

day 68

- my husband picked me flowers this morning. the first flowers to bloom this year. i am so lucky:)

day 67

- the weather wasn't as nice today, but we got a walk in and daddy got to come. i wish we could have more days like this.

day 66

- this is lily's raspberry/buddha face. too funny!

(i cheated... i didn't take a picture today so this is another one from our time outside yesterday... don't tell)

see a video of lily and her raspberries here:

day 65

- the weather was so nice today so we went for a walk around the block at my mom's house. lily looks like such a big girl sitting in her stroller!

Friday, March 6, 2009

day 64

- brendan and i got some new kicks. aren't mine adorable?

day 63

- a preview of a new mini album i'm working on. this time, i am keeping this one for me!

day 62

- it reads: "brendans house keep owt!"

day 61

- i just started a stamp kit club and received my first month... aren't they cute???

Sunday, March 1, 2009

day 60

- lily enjoyed watching the fish. we were really surprised at how well she followed them swimming around the tank.

day 59

- my handsome little bug.

day 58

- lily thinks i'm funny. or funny looking:)

day 57

- geese like to hang around the mall where i work. weird.

day 56

- i love baybee feet.

day 55

- they are just too cute together:)

day 54

- me and the hubs. doesn't he look excited? ha!

day 53

- brendan's report card. awesome as usual.

day 52

- lily and i had lunch at o'charley's with kelly:)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

day 51

- brendan went to his first bday party today (that wasn't family). and i didn't go... let's hope he was good! he is growing up so fast!!!

day 50

- my first mini quilt in progress... and i'm not doing very well (i.e. it isn't square, some of the stitches came out and some of the corners puckered).

day 49

- lily weighs 12lbs and 9 oz! wowza! she can now have cereal twice a day and in a month we can start jar food. the doctor suggests feeding them the same thing for 3 days to see if they have any reaction... they also want you to start on the yellow vegetables first then the green and by 6 months they can start fruits. things have changed even since i had brendan 7 years ago... i feel so out of the loop!

day 48

- i got my hair did today;) and the stylist straightened it. my sister and i look like twins even though she is 7 years younger. so either i look younger or she looks older:) let's hope i look younger!
(my sis is on the left and i am on the right)

day 47

- it was a good day for hot chocolate.

day 46

- i worked the bridal showcase at the seelbach hotel for my work. it was fun:)

day 45

- we hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day!

day 44

- she is growing like a weed!

Friday, February 13, 2009

day 43

- there is a bird in the house.

day 42

- getting some exercise.

day 41

- i think we have enough firewood.

day 40

- we did a lot of chainsawing today. at least the driveway decoration is gone.

here is a picture of the before:

day 39

- lily got some new dresses today. can't wait for them to fit!

day 37

- not an original picture, i'm sure you can tell. went out with the girls to see this movie and i must say it is very dead on. and really cute:)

day 38

- isn't she beautiful?

day 36

- my husband's vday present.

day 35

- getting goofy with the babies:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

day 34

- i'm getting tired of the snow. seriously.

day 33

- laundry is taking over my life.

day 32

- too much football and beer. go steelers!

day 31

- i'm getting better at making fires in the fireplace:)

day 30

day 30
Originally uploaded by qtips photo
- went downtown to pay my citation. it's really pretty covered in ice.

day 29

day 29
Originally uploaded by qtips photo
- everything is covered in ice and snow. at least if nothing else, it is pretty to look at.

day 28

day 28
Originally uploaded by qtips photo
- the dogs enjoy the snow. and eating it as well. i wonder if they know about the yellow snow rule.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day 27

day 27 of project 365.

- snow last night + freezing rain = crusty snow. ick.

day 26

day 26 of project 365.

- john always beats me in scrabble. i suck.