Saturday, February 21, 2009

day 51

- brendan went to his first bday party today (that wasn't family). and i didn't go... let's hope he was good! he is growing up so fast!!!

day 50

- my first mini quilt in progress... and i'm not doing very well (i.e. it isn't square, some of the stitches came out and some of the corners puckered).

day 49

- lily weighs 12lbs and 9 oz! wowza! she can now have cereal twice a day and in a month we can start jar food. the doctor suggests feeding them the same thing for 3 days to see if they have any reaction... they also want you to start on the yellow vegetables first then the green and by 6 months they can start fruits. things have changed even since i had brendan 7 years ago... i feel so out of the loop!

day 48

- i got my hair did today;) and the stylist straightened it. my sister and i look like twins even though she is 7 years younger. so either i look younger or she looks older:) let's hope i look younger!
(my sis is on the left and i am on the right)

day 47

- it was a good day for hot chocolate.

day 46

- i worked the bridal showcase at the seelbach hotel for my work. it was fun:)

day 45

- we hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day!

day 44

- she is growing like a weed!

Friday, February 13, 2009

day 43

- there is a bird in the house.

day 42

- getting some exercise.

day 41

- i think we have enough firewood.

day 40

- we did a lot of chainsawing today. at least the driveway decoration is gone.

here is a picture of the before:

day 39

- lily got some new dresses today. can't wait for them to fit!

day 37

- not an original picture, i'm sure you can tell. went out with the girls to see this movie and i must say it is very dead on. and really cute:)

day 38

- isn't she beautiful?

day 36

- my husband's vday present.

day 35

- getting goofy with the babies:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

day 34

- i'm getting tired of the snow. seriously.

day 33

- laundry is taking over my life.

day 32

- too much football and beer. go steelers!

day 31

- i'm getting better at making fires in the fireplace:)

day 30

day 30
Originally uploaded by qtips photo
- went downtown to pay my citation. it's really pretty covered in ice.

day 29

day 29
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- everything is covered in ice and snow. at least if nothing else, it is pretty to look at.

day 28

day 28
Originally uploaded by qtips photo
- the dogs enjoy the snow. and eating it as well. i wonder if they know about the yellow snow rule.