Friday, January 2, 2009

day 2

day 2 of project 365.

- we are going to grout the tile in front of the fireplace tonight. i am so excited for this to be done!
- johnny, the baybee and i went to the big flea market at the fair and expo center. this is where he bought me the cameras shown to the right. they are miniature cameras that once actually took real photographs. if i had the means (i.e. that darkroom i've always wanted) i would modify some film for them to work again. but the darkroom must wait. bleh. i love miniatures and i love cameras (i have a BUNCH), so here is a happy marriage of the two;)
- i saw a man with a prosthetic nose. interesting.
- lily slept the entire time we were at the flea market. very odd.
- john and i were looking at a bakelite set of drawers at the flea market and decided to open one. what was in the drawers, you ask? teeth. seriously. to make molds for dentures i guess. and i think they were real. eek (this is going to give me nightmares).

and as an added bonus, i would like to share a second photo of another great find from the flea market...

aren't they the cutest glasses you've ever seen? the lady i got these from said they are from the 1950s. and at $20, i couldn't pass these up. going on display in the baybee's room:)

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